Peak Performance CY2020 Honorees


Nearly 50% of all NACWA Public Utility Members had facilities that earned Peak Performance Recognition for the 2020 calendar year.  Out of 341 NACWA Public Utility Members, 171 Members had a total of 463 facilities/plants achieve Peak Performance.

  • 154 Platinum facilities have achieved between 5 and 32 years of perfect (100%) compliance with their NPDES permits. 
  • 173 Gold facilities achieved one year of perfect (100%) compliance with their NPDES permits.
  • 136 Silver facilities reported 5 or less violations to their NPDES permit in a one year period.
  • 16 facilities earn their first time Platinum recognition.
For additional information on NACWA’s Awards Programs contact Brédy Trombino at 202.533.1820.
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